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Screen printed clothing

Screen printing is a great process for larger order of printed t-shirts (10+) and larger designs. Screen-printed t-shirts wash well and can maintain the print quality for some time.
When screen printing, one colour at a time is applied and therefore the cost will increase with each additional colour applied. For each separate colour an additional screen is required so screen charges may be uneconomical if only a small run of clothing is required.


Vinyl printing

By computer generating the required design, then cutting the required logo, deisgn or text from Vinyl ink, .the logos are then heatpressed onto the garments. This process makes a suitable way to process smaller quantitity orders, whilst keeping the costs down as a minimum setup charge is required.


Embroidered clothing

Embroidery onto your chosen clothing produces a high quality look but is best used on smaller designs (up to about 100mm square), as larger designs take time to produce and are therefore more costly.
As coloured cotton rather than ink, it is ideal for logos, web addresses, personalisation and more onto any garment such as:

  • polo shirts and t-shirts,
  • fleeces and jackets,
  • sweatshirts and hoodies,
  • workwear and school uniforms.

How we embroider your logo onto your clothing

Once we have the logo of your choice, we 'digitise’ it, which is the process of formatting the design in such a way that our embroidery software can recognise it and replicate the design onto the garments. 
At FC Sports Limited, we pride ourselves with the quality of our finished embroidered garments and will always go that extra mile to ensure that the finished garments are of a very high quality.


Graphic Design Consultancy

At F C Sports Ltd, we are able to offer artwork and design consultancy for your clothing and garments.
This maybe as little as ‘tidying up’ a logo or design ready to be used for screenprinting or embroidery or it maybe as much as creating a complete design for use on a range of your chosen clothing. 
Our graphic designer loves to be challenged!  If you have an idea for a logo or design but are having trouble getting anything onto paper, contact us, we’d love to hep!

For those who intend producing branded garments on an on-going basis, clothing production costs become very important. At F C Sports Ltd we understand this and appreciate how different processes, colour ranges, and print designs can have an effect, either positively or negatively on margins.
We endeavour to help our clients in whatever way we can to maximise profits. Just call us on 07779 355891 , we are here to help!


Examples of our work


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